Cre Run excels in producing excellent race horses for the oval track, and these versatile equine athletes show outstanding achievements in multiple disciplines. Cre Run horses EXCEL on the endurance circuit as well. There are so many doing well at the 50 and 100 mile distance that it would be nearly impossible to go into detail about each individual's performances and achievements- below you will find a sampling of our success stories.


Please click here for attached xl file, showing the incredible endurance results of 81 horses bred or owned by Cre Run Farm.

Crownn Royal is our stallion we are now focusing on for siring endurance horses- see our top stallion lineup here.



Quite impressive numbers are as follows:


(Data compiled from AERC National Office 2013)


Photos right (and see more below!) - CRE RUN RUNNERS ON A ROLL!!! Cashin In (Sam Tiki+ x Cashay) and Nicki Meuten shown placing 2nd at the 40th Anniversary Old Dominion 100 Mile Ride! After tied for the win of the FEI 100 at Biltmore and getting BC. That makes 3 one-day 100 mile rides for them in one spring season with 3 Top 5 finishes! Cashin In ranked First Place in the National 100 mile ride award and First Place in the SE overall. You go girls!!!!!
And CONGRATS on another Cre Run bred Top Ten!! SheikSheikSheik (Samsheik x CR Dasire) and Teri Carroll (owned by Bob Walsh) tied for 5th at the Old Dominion 50 Mile ride - Quite impressive with 57 starters and 45 finishers. What a great day for the 40th Anniversary ride. Sheik had a total of 1170 miles under his belt with 15 Top Tens and a Best Conditioned! Great work Sheik, Teri, Bob and Team!
Most Likely also ran 5th at Biltmore, while Cre Run bred OPENING ACT won the FEI 55 at Biltmore same weekend and then Opening Act won next week at the GERA 50 - getting BC in both events!


SheikSheikSheik (Samsheik x CR Dasire) and Teri Carroll (owned by Bob Walsh) Cashin In (Sam Tiki+ x Cashay) and Nicki Meuten SheikSheikSheik tied for 5th at the Old Dominion 50 Mile with 57 starters Most Likely running 5th at Biltmore Most Likley at Old Dominion

More Success Stories

3 Wins from 3 Rides! Hidden Assetts "aces" it.

Hidden Assetts (aka "Ace") is stretching out across the finish line to a 1st place + BC Award in a 50 mile race in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, April 2019. This makes his record for 2019 a perfect 3 wins from 3 rides, with 2 BCs! Ridden by Alisija Zabavska- what a perfect pair. Hidden Assetts is a 7 year old son of DA ADIOS+/, bred by Cre Run.

Royal Bull training at W’rsan in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Royal Bull is doing a great job as the exercise pony- he loves the racing babies they are training at W'rsan Farm. He is by DA Adios+/, out of Royal Atheena+/, bred by Cre Run and owned by HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Hidden Assetts wins again!

传奇外传sf发布网Hidden Assetts won the FEI 75 at Broxton Bridge and got the BC Award, January 2019.

Perfect Score - All A's

传奇外传sf发布网Hheartbreaker (Dahess x TC Break Dancer by Wiking, bred by Cre Run) and Heidi Perreault Rajala got all A's on her last ride at Biltmore. What a perfect pair!

Three Dahess抯 crossing the finish line at Biltmore national championships

Hheartbreaker, In X Hess and Outragehess, all bred by Cre Run, making a great statement at Biltmore 2018. Thank you to Thomas Rajala for the outstanding photo! (Click to enlarge!)

Biltmore Challenge 55 miles won by Heidi Perreault Rajala on Hheartbreaker (Dahess x TC Break Dancer by Wiking) and Best Condition

Hheartbreaker (Dahess x TC Break Dancer by Wiking, bred by Cre Run) was first and awarded Best Condition at the Biltmore Challenge 55 mile on May 5, 2018. She has been top ten twice (last 2 rides)- awarded BC twice and first once all without asking any more than she did on her own. I am so thankful to have such an amazing “Gray Got- Lily’s name for her.” Couldn’t wait to share this with you :) By the way Langley (bred by Cre Run) got 6th in the LD out of 50+ horses and we had an absolutely delightful ride around Biltmore. He’s also very dear and Lily rides on him whenever she can get us to lead him.

~Heidi Perreault Rajala
Photo credits - Becky Pearman

2018 Biltmore Challenge 50 miles won by Jeremy Reynolds on Anydaynow (Patriot Missle x Anna Tiki by SX Champion)

Great day at Biltmore today!! Jeremy Reynolds rode Lynn N Barbara Hershberger’s horse, AnyDayNow, in the 50 at the Biltmore. Tina Davidson Cochran and he raced off at the end. AnyDayNow got the win. Both horses looked great. Many thanks to our awesome crew, Holly Jonsson, Alex Rodriguez, Barbara and her husband Lynn.

~Heather Reynolds

Going the Distance with Heart

Cre Run not only breeds quality race horses for the track, but horses that can go the distance with heart. The Cre Run bred gelding Finderzkeepers won the 100 mile contest at Biltmore 2017 ridden by Bonnie Hannah, and also received the coveted Best Conditioned award.

In another impressive performance, Treasured Moments won the Haggin Cup at Tevis 2017 (Best Conditioned) going 100 miles with Jeremy Reynolds aboard. Extraordinarily, it was the mare’s first time to compete at a distance of over 75 miles. She is a HARC mare bred by Cre Run, and a previous race winner at Delaware Park.

Congratulations to all their connections!!!
Photos: Finderzkeepers ridden by Bonni Hannah. Photo by Becky Pearman
Treasured Moments ridden by Jeremy Reynolds. Photo by Lynn Ashby

Going strong again in 2017... Hidden Assetts (AKA "Ace")

Alisija Zabavska reports Hidden Assetts (aka Ace) won yet another 50 miler in Boswell, Oklahoma past weekend AS WELL AS the Best Condition Award!
The Buffalo Run Endurance Ride was held Saturday, September 30 2017. Congratulations on a job very well done!

Another successful weekend with Full of Fiesta, Mary Full of Grace and Langley

传奇外传sf发布网Tom Rajala reports another successful ride for the Cre Run team - Full of Fiesta, Mary Full of Grace and Langley at the Broxton Bridge Moonlight - USA SE Endurance Fundraiser all 3 completed, all finished in the top 3, and once again performed like they champions they are.

The weather forecast called for extremely hot temperatures with highs in the 100's and lows into the low 80's- they made the 5 hour trailering trip to the event in excellent condition.
Saturday morning Heidi rode Mary Full of Grace and Tom rode Langley in the 25 mile limited distance. They rode together until mile 6 when Langley and Tom held back and let Heidi and Mary ride their ride. Heidi said Mary was on a mission, strong, steady and smart down the trail. They held a strong 2nd place throughout the ride, excellent pulse times and vet scores. Langley was an wonderful on the trail, smart and steady and enjoyed riding with other horses for a brief period of time. He also had no problem stepping back up to his pace and leaving the other horses behind to maintain a respectable 3rd place finish.

Full of Fiesta and Tom rode a 50 mile moonlight ride that started at 6:30 in the evening. What an amazing experience to be out on the trail alone in the dark. They finished very strong 3rd and were 2nd place in Best Condition.

Tom says, "We are just developing our horses, and we see that Mary will be a huge machine to crush the competition, Fiesta is a rock star and Langley (our little boy) will be a ringer for best conditions. Once again we received comments from the Vets and ride management on how fine and well behaved our horses are. A testament to the effort Cre Run and connections put into these guys at the barn and at race training."

Hidden Assets (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure) wins 50 miler

More great news for DA Adios get and Cre Run breds! Hidden Assetts (AKA "Ace!") won a 50 mile night race in Vinita, Oklahoma! - Alisija Zabavska

All for You (Nivour De Cardonne x Tu For All) 3rd on her second 50 miler

Gwen Hall reports, "All For You cruised into 3rd on her second 50 miler completion in June 2016, at Spanish Peaks Premierin Colorado!"

All For You is a purebred Arabian mare by Nivour De Cardonne out of Tu For All, by Tron Tu Ku. She was born in 2008, bred by Cre Run. Congratulations!

Full of Fiesta Top Ten in 50 and Mary Full of Grace 11th in 25

Newsflash from Tom and Heidi! Full of Fiesta Top Tens in the 50 mile and Mary Full of Grace finishes 11 at the 25 mile at the Leatherwood Endurance Challenge.

"I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic Fiesta was this weekend. We completed the Leatherwood Mountains Endurance Challenge in 6th place! That’s a top ten finish at his first 50 completion at one of the toughest rides in the area.
传奇外传sf发布网 Fiesta was a calm and steady horse all day on the trail. He picked his way through the technical areas, ate and drank well to keep himself going strong throughout the ride. Besides being a fierce competitor he listens to my guidance very well down the trail.

More big news, continuing our successful weekend with our CreRun horses was Mary Full of Grace completing her first endurance ride in the 25 mile limited distance. She was a power house in the mountains- Mary did 25 miles barefoot! She's a incredibly strong mare. 

Thank you again for such wonderful horses.

传奇外传sf发布网 Regards, Tom Rajala & Heidi Perreault 

Hidden Assetts (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure) first in 100 miler

传奇外传sf发布网Alisija and Hidden Assetts on top again, in the USA Southeast Fundraiser.

See more about Cre Run horses going the distance on our NEWS page.

Hidden Assetts (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure) finishes 3rd in FEI 75

"In Houston, Texas at Brixton Bridge in November 2015 "Ace" came in strong 3rd place in FEI 75! He is my amazing Assett that was well hidden from a sale to Middle East. A million thank you for hiding him so well!!!"

~Alisija Granger

Full Of Fiesta off to great start in new career

"Fiesta got 3rd place in the 30 at Hope for Horses at Biltmore. He had a consistent pace but beat others in the vet check by pulsing down first. He seems happy with his second career."


Tom Rajala and Heidi Perreault, DVM

FULL OF FIESTA -(Nivour De Cardonne x Full Of Fiesta, by MHF Eclipse, Bred by Cre Run) Race Record on Track: 3/22(4-6-5)1-6, $68,443

Hidden Assetts wins a 55 and gets BC

September 12th weekend 2015, Hidden Assetts (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure), affectionately known as "Ace," won a 55 mile race and got the Best Condition in Oklahoma. Congratulations to the Grangers!



Biltmore 2015 - another top 10 for Awesome Wolf

Bob and Teri Walsh report another 10 ten finish for AWESOME WOLF at Biltmore, with Sheik Sheik Sheik coming in right behind in 11th Sheikh was ridden by the granddaughter of one of their friends from Maine. Many more photos below of these two fantastic horses and chronicles of their great finishes. Sheik Sheik Sheik is by Samsheik and out of the Cre Run mare CR Dasire by Moniet El Nafis. Awesome Wolf is by Nivour De Cardonne and out of Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh. 

Clean Sweep for Three Cre Run Horses at the Chesapeake 25 mile ride

"It was a clean sweep for the Cre Run team! Riley and Ryechess took 1st place out of 9 in the junior division, Teri and Sheik won reserve champion in the senior division out of 35 entries, and Awesome Wolf, ridden by Riley’s riding instructor, finished 3rd overall in the senior division. All three looked like they were just out for a stroll and finished strong. This was the first big trip for Ryechess and he never missed a beat. See you in May! ~Bob and Teri

传奇外传sf发布网 Robert J. Walsh

Ryechess is a 2010 grey gelding by Dahess out of Polish Rye- a young horse and mount for junior rider. Sheik is "Sheik Sheik Sheik" by Samsheik and out of the Cre Run mare CR Dasire by Moniet El Nafis. Awesome Wolf is by Nivour De Cardonne and out of Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh. 

Our Break Away with another Top Ten Finish

"Just a note on “ Our Break Away” AKA GRIMM! He is progressing well in endurance- he has completed 325 mile to date.
Here is a recent photo of GRIMM on his way to a 10th place finish at the Leatherwood mountain challenge.
We started dead last as he is not ready for a “hot” start yet and worked our way up/ short and steep hills with little in the way for a big horse to gain an advantage, but when we did find flat ground he flew. Some of the climbs were so steep I was standing leaning way forward and his breast collar was so tight you couldn’t get a finger under it. Then down the other side much like a roller coaster. Dr Dwayne Barnett vetted him out and his back was perfect all A’s too.

One more 55 mile event before the Old Dominion 100 in June!

传奇外传sf发布网 Pete & GRIMM

Cre Run's DA ADIOS proving to be an excellent Endurance sire

传奇外传sf发布网"After winning the FEI and overall 50 mile race in Dunnellon, Florida in January, 'Ace' came in strong 3rd place at the FEI 75 mile race in Texas. Both times ridden by Charles Granger." ~ Alisija Granger

Hidden Assetts, affectionately called "Ace," is an 8 year old gelding by DA Adios out of Hidden Treasure, by RD Five Star. Hidden Assetts is a full brother to Treasured Moments- below.


Treasured Moments, barely 5, just off track, handles LDs with grace

Treasured Moments, by DA Adios and out of Hidden Treasure was bred by Cre Run and a race winner at Delaware Park in summer of 2014. On 1/27/2015 Heather Reynolds wrote: "Treasured Moments did her second limited distance ride this past weekend. I had so much fun with her. I'm really amazed at how pleasant minded she is. We started right with everyone and she calmly trotted down the trail. Amazing considering she is just barely 5 and ran on the track this whole past season. I couldn't be happier with her. Thank you for once again producing such tremendous athletes."

Our Break Away (AKA "GRIMM") completes another 50

GRIMM continues his foundation year building with the completion of another 50, this makes 3 endurance rides this year for a 155 miles. He is still very anxious at the start but soon after settles into a huge ground covering trot. He sure is 16.1 hand tall at 1150lbs when fit. You may remember when I purchased him we taped him at 1350 as a stallion! The Nivour breeding is impressive. Attached is a picture crossing the finish line with my good friend on a young mare's first 50. Check out the mare's stride and then GRIMM’s. Grimm paced himself to the mare all day, such a good boy! Everyone loves his personality.

传奇外传sf发布网 Pete (Peter Ricci)

传奇外传sf发布网Bred by Cre Run, Our Break Away is by Nivour De Cardonne, out of TC Break Dancer, by Wiking.

Djubilee finishes with fun at TEVIS 2014

Djubilee, bred by Cre Run, is a 2001 mare out of C R Dasire and by Djebbel.

"I want you to know that Djubilee gave me a lovely ride at the Tevis Cup on Saturday. We finished in 36th place out of 186 starters and 107 finishers. She was strong and eager the entire way, a total delight. I'm attaching her finishing photo so you can see what fun we were having. I'm very glad Heather and Jeremy sent her west!"

Barbara White
Scotts Valley, CA

Tiki Barber places easy 7th in his first 50

传奇外传sf发布网Tiki Barber and Carol Fontana on their first 50 mile ride 4/26/14 placing easy 7th! Tiki Barber was bred by Cre Run and raced on track for 4 years, winning 9 times and placing 2nd 7 times, 3rd 4 times and he was stakes placed three times. He earned $81,473 in his track racing career. He is sired by Nivour De Cardonne and out of Tiki Samantha, a race winning mare by Cool Sam (Samtyr) and out of a Kontiki daughter.

To the left is also the "2nd Annual Christmas" photo sent by owner Carol Fontana, of Tiki Barber on his way to winning his first BC at the McDowell Mountain 50 mile ride 11/15/14. Click here for attachment of Carol's handwritten note. We love these presents!!! Also in the flashing images is Tiki Barber's 1st day "Arrival" photo from 1/31/13. These two have really come a long way and bonded - for sure!

Spot Me Mon and Kelsey Hamill moving up in distance and lovin' it!

"I just wanted to give you an update on Spot Me Mon! This is his second year competing in endurance, and he just finished the Moonlight in Vermont 75 mile ride on 7/19/14. It was his first time doing a distance over 50 miles. He was energetic all day and really loves his second career! He now has 275 AERC miles.
Love this horse, he's all heart and determination!"
-Kelsey Hamill

Breaking News...  "Cashin In finished another 100 at the Old Dominion 2014.  She was second place.  That makes 3 one day 100 mile rides for her this Spring with 3 top 5 finishes.  She is currently in 1st place in the National 100 mile award and first place in the SE overall.  We love her and she is having a great year!"  Nicki Meuten

Cashin In ties nose to nose for first in the FEI 100 mile at Biltmore 2014!

传奇外传sf发布网Cashin In tied for the win of the FEI 100 at Biltmore, nose to nose without a whisker of difference between her and one of Valery Kanavy's horses Ravin About Gold. Cashin In ridden by Nicki Meuten photo-finished for 1st! She was also honored with BEST CONDITION.

传奇外传sf发布网In 3 1/2 years Cashin In has completed 23 rides and earned 14 top tens and 2 BCs. And she's getting better and better! Cashin In is a 2005 chestnut mare by Sam Tiki, out of a daughter of MHF Eclipse. She was bred by Cre Run Farm. Congratulations everyone, Great Job!

传奇外传sf发布网Opening Act is a young Endurance Star!

Coming off a 4th place and BC at McCulley Farms going 50 miles in April, Opening Act WON the 2014 Biltmore Challenge FEI 55 mile ride and BC'd again! Then off to the next race in Georgia, the GERA 50...
Opening Act won AGAIN and this time by over 20 minutes! He also won Best Condition and High Vet Score.

Opening Act was bred by Cre Run Farm and is a Sam Tiki grandson out of the Cre Run mare Hilarius. He's a full sister to the Cre Run mare Dreamm Diva.

Congratulations to Heather Reynolds and her fabulous rides with Opening Act.

Hidden Assets- 2nd place out of 31 starters on a first 25!

Hidden Assets (DA Adios x Hidden Treasure) "Ace" ridden by new owner Charles Granger on the endurance ride at Shanghai Trails, at Pierce Ranch, Texas. They finished 2nd place out of 31 starters on their first 25 miler. Congratulations and many thanks Alisija Granger for sending us this fantastic photo! Great looking pair!

Tried N True- first 2nd place overall in his first endurance event

Tried N True is by Sam Tiki out of Dreamscome Tru by MHF Eclipse. Bred by Cre Run, he raced 4 years on the race course with 4 firsts, 4 seconds and 2 thirds and earned $33,980. He was purchased by Garrett and Lisa Ford where he´s showing his stuff on the trail! Here he is at Quichapa Lake going 50 miles in his first event, achieving 2nd place ridden by Lisa Ford. Way to go!!!

Awesome Wolf is now a top ten horse!

Awesome Wolf is a 2005 gelding by NIVOUR DE CARDONNE out of Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh. He was bred by Cre Run Farm and is owned by Bob Walsh and ridden by Teri Carroll.

"We traveled to NJ over the weekend to ride the Mustang 50 mile ride. This was a combined FEI/AERC ride. Out of 69 starters Teri and Wolf finished 5th in the AERC division and 10th overall with a ride time 5hrs, 5min. They came off each loop and recovered to a 60 pulse within 1 minute each time! Thank you all at CreRun for providing us with yet another super horse. - Robert J. Walsh

Awesome Wolf does it again on new terrain

Photo left: "Awesome Wolf now knows what a mountain is. He finished the grueling 55 mile ride with all A’s and a CRI of 52/52. He has done everything we´ve asked of him." Bob and Teri

Sheik Sheik Sheik and Teri Carroll crossing the finish line for another Top Ten!

They finished 7th at the Fort Valley Ride (50 Miler) on 10/25/13. He just finished 2nd in the Pine Tree 100 on 6/22/13. His sire is Samsheik and he is out of the Cre Run mare CR Dasire.

Vallydictorian proves he is at the top of his class!

VALLEYDICTORIAN - 2003 Genuine Monarch x Pans Valentyna, owned and ridden by Heidi Perreault, DVM at Biltmore Ride 2012

Most Likley ("MO"- Makzan x Shes The Most by MHF Eclipse) does it again!

"Mo" did his second 50 today at the Quicksilver Harvey Bear ride. Jeremy rode him and the pair tied for 1st and also won Best Condition. We are thrilled with him. The second half of the race Jeremy rode Mo in just a cavasson and a single rein clipped on like a lead rope because he kept getting on and off to run on foot in the hills. Mo was super responsive and a lot of this was single track, hillside trail. Mo is truly a fun guy to be around and deal with. Thanks again for breeding such great horses! - Heather Reynolds

Standfor Truth (Sam Tiki x Dreamscome Tru by MHF Eclipse)

"Stand got all A’s at the final vet check," Owner Sally Mann says. "He is an EASY horse, never spooks, he lopes along on a loose rein. It was pouring rain and the trails were rocky and sloppy, plus there were some FEI riders that were giving us some real competition." Finishing Second is a great accomplishment. Congratulations to rider Erin Bartle, fantastic job!

Most Likley (Makzan x Shes The Most by MHF Eclipse)

This past weekend our Cre Run gelding, Most Likley -aka Mo-did his first 50 miler. He was amazing! His heart rates are awesome and is stride length is second to none. He is all of 16 hands so that helps too. He handled the mountainous course beautifully and the technical terrain was easy for him as he's so coordinated and balanced. He was ridden by our 14 yr old junior rider who has been riding him a lot this summer. At Mo's final trot out he trotted down the lane and cantered back! We are so excited here at Reynolds Racing about Mo's future as an endurance horse. The most amazing thing about Mo is that he does it all effortlessly and logically and he only has one eye. Talk about having a great mind! Thank you for breeding such amazing athletes!!
-Heather Reynolds

Alisija Zabavska sends great "Newz"!

Photos of Charles Granger with BREAKING NEWZ (5 year old gelding by Patriot Missle+/ out of TC Break Dancer, by Wiking; bred by Cre Run)...

Alisija writes "a match made in Heaven! Thank you CRE RUN!!!"

Another great year for Dawn Engle and Wirtual Dream

"Thought you might like an update on how Dream's 2012 endurance season is progressing. We started the season with a top 10 finish at Rabbit Run, followed by both a top 10 finish and Best Conditioned at No Frills (her second year in a row for BC there!) Next came a 4th place finish in the Old Dominion 100. Most recently, we placed 2nd and got Best Conditioned at Ride Between the Rivers. The attached photo (taken by Becky Pearman) is from that ride. Dream is always ready for the next challenge and I can't wait for the rest of our season." - Dawn Engle

Wirtual Dream is a 2000 grey mare by SAM TIKI out of Wikings Dream, by Wiking. She was bred by Cre Run Farm.

Sheik Sheik Sheik and Awesome Wolf

Owner Bob Walsh proudly reports that Sheik Sheik Sheik and Awesome Wolf competed at the 2 day 50 in Huntingdon, Pa. Sheik was ridden by Teri Carroll and Wolf by Clarisse Capize from France. Three weeks later, Sheik ran in the Old Dominion 100 with Teri finishing 13th.

Awesome Wolf is by Nivour De Cardonne and out of Awesome Gal by Asjah Ibn Faleh. Sheik Sheik Sheik is by Samsheik out of C R Dasire by Moniet El Nafis.

Both these outstanding athletes were bred by Cre Run.

Prince Sam is Cover Boy on Endurance News

Photo from Cover Endurance News, May 2012 issue: Karen Bell (rider) of North Carolina is on her way to a top ten finish at last September's Canter Over the Mountain ride with her now-10-year-old Arabian gelding Prince Sam. Karen and Sam finished the 50-mile ride, held in West Virginia, in 9:51. Karen has 1,515 endurance and 515 LD miles; Sam has 1,250/55. Photo by Peter DeMott, .

We congratulate Karen and Prince Sam for their great finishes and continued sucess in 2012: Far Out Forest 50 Miles 2/18/12 - SE Region - tied for 9th place 08:29 85/55

Prince Sam is bred by Cre Run - He is by the supreme endurance sire Sam Tiki+ and out of Monarchs Princess.


Finderzkeepers finishes well for owner Bonni Hannah

Finderzkeepers is a 5 year old gelding by Nivour De Cardonne out of Dream Keeper by Tiki Tork Ku. He was bred by Cre Run.

"We did our first 50 at Broxton Bridge. He scored all A's with an A- in gut sound after the last loop. He drank and ate well and behaved well on the trail. His heart rate scores were great. He went out solo on his last loop, never hesitated. He has done two more 50's and I am working on qualifying him for the AERC Nationals in September. He completed the Camp Osborn Pow Wow on 2/11/2012. Then he came in 13th at the Sandhills Spring Fling on 4/14/2012. We had a trailer incident on the the way to the last ride and he sat in the trailer for 4 hrs. with banging air compressor noise and truck breaks releasing steam while at the service center. He never pawed or acted up at all. I really could not believe it at his young age. I am very pleased with his performance... Will keep you updated." ~ Bonni Hannah

SSAMIAM - winner of the 2011 Qatar International Cup 120km.

son of Cre Run's stallion Sam Tiki+. see more about Ssamiam below at WEG.

See STALLIONS for options to breed your own international champion.

Maximum Heat finishes 4th in Tevis Cup 2011!

Maximum Heat, bred by Cre Run Farm, is a 2002 gelding by Makzan and out of Hilarius. He was fourth at Tevis this year, ridden by his owner Dayna Weary who gives much credit to Michele Roush DVM and also to her friend Carol Fontana.

" should be noted that Max and Michele Roush DVM are the real stars here. When we have family or friends come over to ride, we put them on Max. He always travels straight, never spooks and you can practically bring him to a stop with verbal commands. Bruce and I love everything about Max, but above all things his mind." ~ Dayna Weary

Update... in 2012 Maximum Heat achieved 3 firsts and 3 Best Conditions including the Twenty Mule Team ride, 100 miles- 1st place and BC out of 34 starters.

photo by Genie Stewart-Spears

Crimson Sage (bred by Cre Run)
article from Arabian Horse World Magazine, July 2011

At 75 years young, Emily Richardson is still very active in equestrian sports. She completed the AERC 50-mile course on Crimson Sage (MHF Eclipse x Capri El Csage) in 40th place, with a ride time of 7 hours. Emily, who resides in northern Virginia, said, "I was foxhunting (which she still does three or four days a week) and started doing distance riding witht he three-day CTR (competitive trail riding) in 1962. Consequently, I met Matthew MacKay Smith at the CTR and I remember asking him, "Why are you doing this instead of endurance?" i don´t think I talked to anyone else at that ride but Matthew and his wife Winkie! I was hooked! So he started me out in endurance at the Old Dominion Ride with my Thoroughbred hunter. I did quite well then, but I wanted an Arabian," she said with a sparkle in her eyes. "By then, I was divorced, living in Washington, D.C., where I worked. I got my first Arabian from John R. 'Doc' Aldred, Rollingwood Farm, and boarded him at Madeira School in Leesburg. I had my hands full with this horse, but persisted, and then finally sold him and rode some of Lori Shifflett´s and Valerie Kanavy´s horses, as I´d known Val since she lived in Pennsylvania doing ECTRA (Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association). it was 11 years ago that Lori called me and told me to come down to Cre Run Farm and buy this chestnut just off the track. That was Crimson Sage, who is now 17. Sage is a tough, brave horse who has a very high opinion of himself!

"My goal is always to come home with a sound horse to go again, whatever the sport," she said. "I had the good fortune in that my former husband, Aubrey Downs, is a wonderful horseman and gave me, with Valerie and Lori, a deep appreciation of training horses with long, slow, steady work. I don´t race and rarely know where I am in a ride until it is over. I have three good Arabians now. Two of them I hunt regularly on and with one of those I do endurance as well, and I do solely endurance with Sage."

As for her age, Richardson said, "I don´t think about my age as my friends keep me young as a history professor I´m surrounded by college students!"

About endurance, she said, "I always enjoy helping friends and bringing along new horses and riders in the sport - a sport that teaches you life skills. I worked with Quaker Peace and Service in the war zone in Sri Lanka providing food, medical supplies, and training women in basic health education and emergency treatment for about 18 months, and later, worked in Bosnia several times (over a couple of years) for US/AID delivering food and medical supplies into the war zone. I also worked in Sarajevo as a Western country representative in their elections. Endurance riding enabled me to get through very difficult times that, like endurance, required a steady mind and confidence. When friends ask me which sport I prefer, my answer is endurance! You get to ride, be with good friends, and see spectacular scenery for 50 miles and more! Why wouldn´t it be my favorite sport?"

Team USA Takes Double Golds in First-Ever North American Young Rider Endurance Championship at the 2011 Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships

July 29 Lexington, KY~ 120km CEI4* divisions saw Team USA take home the Gold medal with a collective ride time of 25:25:31. In the CEI2* class, the Team Gold medal was awarded to Team USA Northeast A, with a collective ride time of 25 :40 :57. Twenty-nine riders from Canada, Columbia, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the USA competed in the ride over trails through the Lexington, Kentucky countryside, much of which was also used at the 2010 World Equestrian Games, Kentucky.

Individually in the CEI2*, the Gold medal was awarded to Sophia Bashir from Team USA Central and Dazed And Amazed! Photo left. Dazed And Amazed is a grey gelding by Tron Ku Tu out of BW Amazing Grace, and was purchased by Lori Shifflett from Cre Run.

Congratulations to all the Junior and Young Riders in this exciting event. Read full story .

Wirtual Dream (Dawn Engle up) at the No Frills 55 were they were awarded Best Condition.

"I first saw Wirtual Dream through a microscope in 1999—she was one of Cre Run’s first embryo transfers. Seven years later, she re-entered my life when I met her current owner, Tim Miller of Sami Hills Farm. Since then, Dreams and I have shared many miles of trail together, including our first 100, 10 top tens, 2 BCs, and 1 win. We placed 7th in the Lightweight division of AERC's Northeast region in ’08. Dreams then contracted Lyme disease, which sidelined us in ’09. Our 2010 season has shown us that she is back to form, recently finishing second in the Moonlight in Vermont 50. Dreams is the perfect blending of her mother’s determination and her father’s mellow personality. I am now her proud co-owner and cannot wait to see where else our journey brings us!"

Dawn Engle & Wirtual Dream.

Wirtual Dream is a 2000 grey mare by Sam Tiki out of Wikings Dream, by Wiking.

Sheik Sheik Sheik (1998 gelding by Samsheik out of C R Dasire, bred by Cre Run) making news again... he finished 3rd in the Fort Valley 50! With this finish he earned the Old Dominion Triple Crown award.

Sheik Sheik Sheik was ridden by Daryl Downs for owner Robert Walsh.

"Sheik is one of the strongest Arabian horses I have ever ridden, " said Daryl. "When Bob Walsh asked if I would do Old Dominion on him, I jumped at the idea! I look forward to doing more miles with Sheik, as we continue to learn more about each other."

Congratulations everyone!

Ssamiam, (above) another Cre Run bred horse, joined the Reynolds team and has been campaigned since the 2009 season. He is owned by . Jeremy and Heather Reynolds are noted endurance riders who formally worked at Cre Run. The Reynolds have won Tevis 4 times, as well as the Haggin Cup 3 times, plus they are 3 time winners of the AERC National 100 Mile Championship. Cre Run wishes them the best of continued success.
This son of Cre Run's stallion Sam Tiki+, along with Heather aboard, was chosen as 1 of 5 horses that raced for the USA Team at the World Endurance Championship in Lexington, Kentucky on September 26, 2010. He was pulled after finishing 4th but bested the American time for 100 miles in 7 hours and 40 minutes and was 5 minutes behind the reigning world champion. This was only Ssam´s second 100 mile race. He later went on to win in Qatar. (photos top of this page.)

"I bought a Sam Tiki+ daughter out of Pabillah, named Ready Set Go, and I have been doing a little dressage(she is up to 2nd level), and a lot of Endurance with her. We just finished over 2000 miles together (and I'm a heavyweight rider), including the Tevis this year where over 85% of her vet card was A's). She has a great personality, is beautiful and graceful, and is a pleasure to ride. Everyone who rides her is enchanted!"
-Rebecca Florio

Treasure Seeker, bred by Cre Run, is now owned by William Cecil Jr. of Ashville, North Carolina. He will be Bill's personal riding horse. Congratulations to Bill.

Congratulations and wishes for best of luck and great riding to Hillorie Bachmann. She is the new owner of both Heir Expresss (left bottom) and King Pen (left top).

Kim Abbott and her Sam Tiki son bred by Cre Run have a lot to be proud of. Sea Spot Run has 1200 miles- 10 top tens 2 wins and one BC- one top ten in a 100. In Kim's words, "he is AWESOME."
All Tu Kool & his new owner Danelle Duffy- congratulations to them on a successful start in 2009 with 1 first, 2 seconds and 1 best conditioned!

"Mister K is an 8 year old gelding sired by Sam Tiki. He had 71 starts on the racetrack and won over $80,000. Retired totally sound and is now turning into an awesome endurance horse. He just did his first ride a 50 at Freeze R' Burn and got 2nd place in a very competative field. I was very impressed by his performance."

Cameron Holzer,

photo, Cameron & Mister K

"Ibn Ecclipse has competed in the NATRC (North American Trail Riders Conference) competitive trail riding. This is long distance competition at a pace that is timed, and the horse has a score card (and so does the rider) that judges their fitness, trail ability and manners, and recovery. It differences from AERC endurance riding because it is not always the first one to finish that wins. Since he was 7 years of age, he has competed in over 20 rides and has placed first in 9 of them and second in 6, and has won 2 Sweepstakes for overall points. He also won a year end NATRC Region 1 award for 2nd place overall, plus won the Arabian Horse Association High Point Champion for Competitive Trail in the National Division.

Ibn Ecclipse contines to amaze me with his energy, love, and enduring 'horseanality'."

Patricia Anderson

photo, Patricia & Ibn Eclipse

We would also like to congratulate these successful endurance competitors that were either bred by Cre Run or sired by outstanding Cre Run stallions (statistics as of end of 2010):

  • All Tu Kool - 820 lifetime miles - 15 top tens of 20 rides - 5 1sts - 3 Best Conditioned
  • Dazed and Amazed - 1210 lifetime miles - 15 Top Tens - 1 1st - 4 Best Condtioned
  • Rclaim Tu Fame - 630 lifetime miles - 3 Top Tens
  • Daretudreamm - 835 lifetime miles - 4 Top Tens -
  • Tu Muchh - 350 lifetime miles - 4 Top Tens
  • American Treasure - 990 lifetime miles - 6 Top Tens
  • Anydaynow - 155 lifetime miles - 1 Top Ten
  • Patriot Games - 480 lifetime miles - 6 Top Tens - 1 Best Conditioned
  • Sheik Sheik Sheik - 775 lifetime miles - 10 Top Tens - 1 Best Conditioned
  • Annaway We Go - 120 (LD) lifetime miles - 2 Top Tens
  • Crimson Sage - 1255 lifetime miles - 7 Top Tens
  • Ibn Ecclipse - 14 Top Tens - 7 1st
  • Aleclipse - 2060 lifetime miles - 16 Top Tens - 6 1st - 14 Best Conditioned
  • Definatly Eclipse - 540 lifetime miles - 4 Top Tens - 1 st
  • SE Alees Aly - 50 lifetime miles - 1 Top Ten
  • SS Yankee Clipper - 2775 lifetime miles - 27 Top Tens
  • Djubilee - 475 lifetime miles - 1 Top Tens
  • Dreamm On - 1640 lifetime miles - 20 Top Tens - 5 1st - 2 Best Conditioned
  • Genuine Treasure - 330 lifetime miles - 2 top Tens
  • Montyonthespot - 500 lifetime miles - 6 Top Tens - 1 Best Conditioned

Also, a sampling of SAM TIKI+ get in Endurance (More info about SAM TIKI):

  • Taking Namez - 615 lifetime miles, 18 Top Tens, 10 1st, 4 Best Conditions
  • Hanna CW - 605 lifetime miles, 9 Top Tens, 5 1st, 2 Best Conditions
  • CV Honey Tiki - 2505 life time miles, 18 Top Tens, 1 1st, 2 Best Conditions
  • TR Ready Set Go - 2730 lifetime miles, 15 Top Tens, 2 1st, 2 Best Conditions
  • TT Sam - 825 lifetime miles, 5 Top Tens
  • Wirtual Dream - 1660 lifetime miles, 23 Top Tens, 2 1sts, 4 Best Conditions
  • Go Sam - 1060 lifetime miles - 11 Top Tens - 4 1st-1 Best Condition
  • The Big Picture - 700 lifetime miles - 12 Top Tens - 4 1st - 2 Best Conditions
  • Hot Spot - 1735 lifetime miles, 14 Top Tens, 2 1st, 1 Best Condition
  • Bay Brulee - 195 lifetime miles, 3 Top Tens
  • The Kodiak Kid - 250 lifetime miles - 1 Top Ten
  • Bella Atheena - 270 lifetime miles - 5 Top Tens - 3 1st - 1 Best Condition
  • Dreamm Seeker - 890 lifetime miles - 14 Top Tens - 1 1st
  • Iamsamm - 630 lifetime miles - 7 Top Tens
  • Keltic - 315 lifetime miles
  • Mister K - 100 lifetime miles - 1 Top Ten
  • Prince Sam - 1100 lifetime miles - 3 Top Tens
  • Sea Spot Run - 2450 lifetime miles - 23 Top Tens - 4 1st - 3 Best Conditioned
  • Ssamiam - 635 lifetime miles - 10 Top Tens - 2 1st - 4 Best Conditioned
  • Sumthntosingabout - 200 lifetime miles - 2 Top Tens - 1 1st
  • Treasure Trovee - 240 (LD) lifetime miles - 6 Top Tens - 2 Best Conditioned
  • Valleydateit - 605 lifetime miles - 4 Top Tens - 1 1st
  • The Jenerator - 930 lifetime miles - 5 Top Tens
  • Lady Marion - 320 lifetime miles - 4 Top Tens

The list goes on. Cre Run horses exhibit superb stamina and the ability to recover, as well as correct conformation that allows these athletes to have long, competitive and successful endurance careers.

We want to hear about your successes in Endurance with your Cre Run horse! Contact us with your stories and send us your photos!

Also see our Happy Trails page for more happy owners and horses!

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