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We are in the business of breeding, raising and training Arabian horses for racing, but not all horses end up suitable for racing. They are worthy of so many other careers or simply being lovable pets. Our goal is to find good, quality homes, protect their welfare and promote humane treatment of these horses.

Cre Run Farm's horses have positive effects, generation after generation, not just on the racetrack. See some of the success stories below. See more on our Endurance page.

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Hopefull Dreams-
track racing to Polocrosse to pleasure

Hopefull Dreams is still going strong at age 21. After her track racing career, Kevin Scott acquired her from Cre Run to compete as a Polocrosse pony- she loved it and was an award winning performer. Now "Dream" is used for pleasure by his mother, Karla, and daughter Kaia.

Hopefull Dreams is a true beauty bred by Cre Run - she is a race winning daughter of Monarch AH out of CR Dream by Orashan.

Ryechess -
therapy for autistic child

Teri Carroll and Robert Walsh work with the Melwood kids and pictured is a photo of Ryechess with rider Alex up. Alex is non verbal and has severe autism, and as you can see he loves to be on Ryechess who takes good care of him.

Ryechess is a 5 year old gelding bred by Cre Run, a product of two excellent purebred Arabian racehorses (by Dahess 5/41 (28-7-3)13, out of Polish Rye 3/28(3-2-2)1-1, by Sir Wm Bogdan 4/27(7-6-3)5-5).

Saduction -
"the greatest gift"

Saduction came to my family directly from Cre Run Farm in 1990. He has been a member of the family ever since. I showed him successfully in every event I could growing up and then went on to teach countless students on him. I have never met a more intelligent and willing horse and I doubt I ever will. "Sid" has now taken a second generation in the show ring and even at age 29 is still being ridden.

Thank you again Deb Mihaloff for this priceless animal, the greatest gift I have ever received.


Crimson Sage

Some years ago, Lori Shifflett brought me down to CreRun to purchase Crimson Sage. He is now 20 and still going strong. I am almost 79, still compete in endurance but dropping down to some LDs because I'm getting older and the mud has been terrible this spring.

I saw your nice ad in Endurance News and thought I'd tell what a good breeding program you have, not huge, but thoughtful and selective. Sage gets the winter off when I hunt my other two Arabians but he still has a high opinion of himself and I still very enjoy him in my endurance riding.

You have a fine breeding program. My son has a great many t'bred mares in KY that belong to others and was dumbfounded when many, many years ago I purchased an Arab!! Thank you for all you do and I'll keep you posted about Sage.

- Best wishes, Emily Richardson, Hume, VA


We love hearing from owners and their horses bred by Cre Run! Springisintheheir is a 2003 mare by Heir Apparentt (now exported) and out of the Cre Run mare Tiki Samantha.

"I got Springisintheheir about 5 years ago from Charlie Francis, she has been a blessing to me. She was my very first horse,and also the best! I barrel race, and pole bend her, my dad also rides her for a high speed drill team. If you ever get a chance you should come see us ride at Western Riders in the summer."

- Brenna Cantrell


Hilarius (Wiking x Las Hilare) has a new home with Dream Catchers at the Cori Sikich Therapeutic Riding Center. They host over 110 therapeutic riding lessons each and is the premier therapeutic riding center between Richmond and Virginia Beach. With 17 horses, Dream Catchers continues its tradition of helping children and adults with special-needs reach their potential.

Hilarius is a stakes winner of over $46,000. She is also the dam of 7 starters, 5 winners, and 1 stakes placed winner.

Barely A Splash

Barely A Splash and her owner/rider Becca Pagnini continue with their winning ways! They won Champion in the Junior Horse Pleasure Division at the 4H District Show.

Truely Wonderful

Truely Wonderful (Sam Tiki x Dreamscome Tru) enjoys the trails with new owner Michael Keretzman.

"We could not have found a better match for Mike than his new best friend Truely," says Cheryl Grubb. "She is such a quick learner and seems to understand exactly what we expect of her. Truely not only gets along well with Harley in the field, but also with my Standardbred mare Kate, so our little herd of three is completely comfortable together.

The photo of Mike on Truely was taken in the Brandywine Creek at Marsh Creek a couple of weekends ago. Truely LOVES the water."

Amazing Mak

Thought you'd like to know what Amazing Mak (aka Luka) is doing now. We're starting conditioning for a limited distance ride later this summer. He is such a joy and pleasure to work with, if I could I would have a barn full of Cre Run bred horses. This past summer I took him to our county fair's open show where he was declared the Grand Champion Arabian stallion snd then Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion (it's like a best of sex class) over some very nice stallions from all breeds. Warmest Regards, Beth Hogan and Amazing Mak

Only The Best

Only The Best (Forty Thieves x Halali Orinda) is a Cre Run bred gelding born in 1996. Now owned and shown by Blair Bedell at his second dressage show and earned a ribbon in both classes!

"Only the Best (Obie) was purchased to compete in distance riding but due to several injuries his owner's plans for him had to change.

"Obie has learned to love his vets and his family as he has been nursed back to health from abdomen surgery, Lymes disease, tendon surgery, and three eye cancer surgeries. His vets can not believe his ability to overcome and fight back to health each time.

"Obie is now competing in dressage at the lower levels and loving it. He loves to trail ride and is learning to jump stadium fences. Maybe he will be eventing this year?... Obie does not believe in limits. Thank you Cre Run for letting Obie be part of our family! We love him so much." - Blair Bedell

Statesman Sam

Statesman Sam, a 2003 gelding by Sam Tiki and Amiri Athena, finds his happy new home with the Vezzi family. Congratulations and many good times to everyone.

Hopefull Dreams

Hopefull Dreams (born in 1996 and bred by Cre Run) is an award winning Polocrosse pony under her new owner Kevin Scott. She loves it! She is a race winning daughter of Monarch AH out of CR Dream by Orashan.


Owner Joel Wing sends these photos of Awestruk, AKA Sunny. She is a 2005 mare out of In Awe, bred by Cre Run. "These photos were taken over Memorial Day weekend 2011 in the Jefferson National Forest, in southwestern Virginia. "She is doing great in her endurance training. She is truly a pleasure to work with and very loved! She is smart, willing and very eager out on the trail. She is not spooky and takes care of herself, constantly stopping to eat and drink when she feels the need. She is also very sweet with the others in the pasture and the easiest to catch! Based on her start, we expect great things from Sunny!"


Alakzan (2004 mare by Makzan out of Aleyah) is now owned by Savannah Furrey in California. This is their first show and they got a ribbon in each class. Congratulations Savannah and Alakzan!

Day Dreamin
TC Kentiki

Best of luck and happy trail riding to these lovely horses and their new owners, Tina and Callie Collins!

Our Hearts Dasire

We look for stories of a great and fun future for Our Hearts Dasire and her new owner Stewart Wickham.


I just saw your request for Cre Run horse stories in EN and thought I'd tell you about my "Cre-Run grandson". My horse JA Hally's Eclipse (I call him 7) is a grandson of your stallion MHF Eclipse. I rescued 7 in July of 2007 when his owner, a man who formerly had raced Arabs was dying of of emphysema. Three stallions were more or less forgotten in a secluded 30 acre field. I went to look at them for a friend, not looking for a horse for myself. Seven was a seven year old stallion, barely halter broken. I had been sent to look at the other two horses that were Sam Tiki bred but Seven impressed me with his substance and personality. He was extremely friendly and just had an honest face. I couldn't stand to see him there so I ended up bringing him home. I had him gelded the next week and simply took my time with him. He was perfectly willing to fight if you pushed him, but if allowed to think things through he was extremely intelligent and willing.

In no time I was able to take him out on solo rides. He is brave and the least herd bound of any horse I've owned. No spook in him. He did his first 50 miler at the Biltmore Estate in May of 08 less than a year later, and was incredibly calm and level headed the entire way. He's one of the steadiest horses I have ever started, has great recoveries and a voracious appetite. One of my greatest challenges with him has been keeping him from eating his way into obesity. My farrier says his feet should be in a text book as an illustration of the perfect foot and he trots over rocks as if they're not there. He has now done 4 50 milers, including the very hot GERA 50 with no electrolytes other than small doses in his feed and usually has a CRI of 48/48. He obviously has a good metabolism. He is steady as you go; the first green horse I've ever had do the third loop, a repeat of the first in an almost identical time. My goal is for him to make a 100 mile horse. This season we'll be competing in 50's again and if all goes well will try a 100 in 2010.

Angie McGhee and JA Hally's Eclipse

Wildwood, GA
Update from Angie, Sun, Apr 18, 2010: He just started his 3rd year of endurance. He finished his 12th
straight 50 with no pulls this weekend and in his last 3 races he has finished:

- 1st (a tie) & BC at the Blazing Saddles 50
6th & High Vet Score (2nd BC) at Red Barn 50
- 8th and BC at Million Pines (out of 100 entries)

He's had high vet score at all three rides! He's strong and sane, takes great care of himself and I don't feel like he's going to kill me at the start of a ride. Having a great time! - Angie McGhee


My Eclipse+ has earned recognition as a Legion of Honor recipient. She has shown in 2008 & 2009 in Arabian Sport Horse under saddle & Arabian Working Hunter including 2 recent championships at the East Coast Championship show. Her son Gran Eclipse is a half Arabian who went Top Ten at the 2009 Sport Horse Nationals in Half Arab 2-Year-Old Gelding In Hand. My Eclipse+ is by the Cre Run foundation stallion MHF Eclipse. She is owned by Donna Thompson.

Donna Thompson, head trainer and owner at Kingsway Farm, owns My Eclipse and one of her foals Gran Eclipse. My Eclipse took Top 5 honors in Purebred Sport Horse Mares U/S and Purebred Hunter Hack Open. My Eclipse's son took Top 5 Honors and Reserve Champion HA Yearling Sweepstakes Colts/Geldings.

My Eclipse shown here in SHUS ridden by Patti Magennis

Gran Eclipse Top 5 & Res. CH. Half Arab Yearling colt shown by Patti Magennis

So often, we hear from our "Happy Trail" clients who are doing all kinds of things other than race with our horses - everything from jumping to endurance to fox hunting.

One lovely December evening, thousands of parade goers lined the streets of downtown Norfolk, Virginia to watch the Grand Illumination Parade. Hey! Who's that coming down the street? It's Holly Kien and Solarr Eclipse (MHF Eclipse x AH Singularity). Denise and Jean-Marc Kien of Franklin, VA bought Solarr for Holly and the two have been together ever since (including summer camp). They have been working very hard and it shows! Great job!


Owned by Pamela Onusko

"We acquired Braveheart through quite a stroke of good luck. His owner was headed to college and had been unable to sell him. I had come across him on a horse website while looking for a horse for a boarder of mine. He proved to be too green for her needs, but the owner contacted me again a month later stating that she would have to take him to an auction before she left for college if he wasn't sold! I begged her not to do this, knowing what type of situation a sensitive Arab could find himself in if sold at auction. I offered to take Braveheart here to help find him a new home. We enjoyed his enthusiastic attitude towards jumping, and his bravery on trails so much that one of the boarders here at Starstruck Farms, Pamela Onusko, decided to buy him and let me show him for her."

Braveheart has won many end of year awards in both the EAAHSC and Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association and will continue showing in both Hunter Pleasure and Working Hunter classes.



Peggy Ingles showing Braveheart Eclipse

We purchased a horse at an auction named is Tu The Stars. We had no idea that he was a registered animal until after we purchased him. We are very happy to say that Tu The Stars has a very happy, young owner and sounds like a home for life.

Dreams Do Come True

My dream was to someday own an Arabian horse. When we moved to Hanover County in 1989, I discovered Cre Run Farm was nearby. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would own a horse from that farm! In 1993, I met Deb Mihaloff. She told me about a two-year-old bay filly she had for sale, named On the Sound, and invited me to come see her. It was love at first sight. It was obvious by her sweet disposition and appearance that she had been very well cared for. I really didn't know where to begin with an untrained two-year-old filly, which had been bred for racing, but I brought her home.

We have learned so much…together. Along the way, I was discouraged by people who insisted "she was too much horse for me," referring to the misconceptions some people have about Arabians. I was beginning to believe them, so I called Deb to talk about my concerns. I am so thankful that I listened to Deb when she told me that with love and patience, this Arabian would become the most loyal of friends. Deb was right! Sound and I are soulmates. I have had a few other horses over the years, but Sound will be with me forever. We perform on a mounted drill team and trail ride. She is also a proven broodmare. Thanks, Cre Run, for making my dream come true.

Joyce Foster on On The Sound
ready to perform with the West
Hanover Mounted Drill Team

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