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Race Record 2/12(4-2-3)1-3, $57,081,
1st Dr Sam Harrison Distaff, 2nd Daughters of the Desert, Betsy Ross Distaff. 

#617607 Chestnut Mare, 2005

LATER ALA GATOUR was an outstanding 3 year old filly, winning the Grade 2,
Dr Sam Harrison Distaff, second the Betsy Ross Distaff and third in the Delaware Park Juvenile Distaff. As a four year old she continued placing in the major stakes races with a second in the Daughters of the Desert Oaks (G1) and fourth in the Yellow Rose Arabian Stakes, just missing third by a nose.

She is by multiple stakes winning French stallion NIVOUR DE CARDONNE. After a very successful racing career, NIVOUR DE CARDONNE is now proving to be an outstanding sire with two Darley winners from his first two foal crops, DIXIES VALENTINE and OUR MACHINE.

LATER ALA GATOUR comes from a broodmare line that has produced multiple champions. She is out of the unraced Samtyr daughter, TC Gate Dancer. TC Gate Dancer is a full sister to Darley winner TC TOMAHAWK and a half sister to Darley producers, TC Tiki (dam of TC KENTUCKY BLUE) and TC Break Dancer (dam of GIMME A BREAK). TC Gate Dancer is a grand daughter of multiple stakes producing Kellowna, dam of TC TOMTYR, TOMANCHIE and TC TOMDOOLEY.

Production Record

After While Crocodile

(f. by Sam Tiki) 2012 Chestnut

SAINT LAURENT SBFAR*7260 Chestnut 1948 BAROUD II SBFAR*5868 Chestnut 1927
DENOUSTE SBFAR*5132 Chestnut 1921
BELLE DU SARROT SBFAR*4415 Chestnut 1916
MADOU SBFAR*6778 Chestnut 1939
NORNIZ SBFAR*5304 Chestnut 1922
AMICA SBFAR*5855 Chestnut 1927
MANDRAGORE SBFAR*7592 Bay 1955 DRAGON SBFAR*6829 Chestnut 1940
NORNIZ SBFAR*5304 Chestnut 1922
DRAGONNE SBFAR*6591 Chestnut 1934
MAGNESIE SBFAR*7289 Bay 1949
DENOUSTE SBFAR*5132 Chestnut 1921
NIVOUR DE CARDONNE AHR*597576 Chestnut 1995
BAROUD III SBFAR*10134 Bay 1969 IN CHAALLAH SBFAR*7631 Bay 1959
MADANI TSB*357 Bay 1949
GAFSA TSB*208 Grey 1943
BARBUE SBFAR*10021 Chestnut 1954
SUMEYR SBFAR*7258 Chestnut 1948
BACCHANTE SBFAR*9662 Chestnut 1941
NEVADOUR SBFAR*10188 Chestnut 1970 OUROUR SBFAR*7216 Chestnut 1947
DUC SBFAR*6477 Chestnut 1932
IMAMA SBFAR*6937 Chestnut 1941
NEVADA II SBFAR*10072 Chestnut 1955
DJANOR SBFAR*9938 Chestnut 1950
NAMOUNA SBFAR*9638 Chestnut 1939
LATER ALA GATOUR AHR*617607 Chestnut 2005 
*SAMBOR++ AHR*53653 Chestnut 1965
CZORT PASB*1330 Bay 1949
FORTA PASB*1056 Bay 1943
2/11 (2-1-2)+2
2/7(5-1-1) D+O+2
ABU AFAS PASB*913 Bay 1947
SABDA PASB*1212 Grey 1940
SAMTYR AHR*78938 Chestnut 1971
*TRYNCZA AHR*44992 Bay 1958
TRYPOLIS PASB*816 Grey 1937
ENWER BEY PASB*78 Grey 1923
KAHIRA PASB*166 Bay 1929
KOCHANA PASB*1483 Bay 1952
2/13 (6-0-3) O+2
KASZMA PASB*1119 Bay 1939
TC GATE DANCER AHR*517868 Grey 1995
SAHARA DANCER AHR*78380 Chestnut 1971
GAZON AHR*9875 Bay 1955
FERZON AHR*7723 Grey 1952
SCHERAFF AHR*2801 Grey 1944
WHITE ROSE AHR*35979 Grey 1966
THE REAL MCCOY AHR*17362 Grey 1960
SAHARA ROSE AHR*13181 Grey 1958
DANCING DAISY AHR*250930 Grey 1982
KELLOWNA AHR*85601 Grey 1972
KELLO-GWALOR AHR*46822 Grey 1968
*GWALIOR AHR*36089 Grey 1961
SANIBEL AHR*14429 Grey 1959
FARANWA AHR*40623 Grey 1967
FARLOWA AHR*8545 Bay 1953
FARALA AHR*4838 Grey 1948

Family Information
By NIVOUR DE CARDONNE, 4/17(6-5-2) in UAE, 1st Kahayla Classic, Maktoum Challenge Round III, 2nd Kahayla Classic, Maktoum Challenge Round I, Maktoum Challenge Round II (twice), etc. Sire of DIXIES VALENTINE, 3/16(10-3-1)6-3, $166,725, Darley Champion 3 and 4-Year-Old Filly,1st Buzz Brauninger Distaff (G1), Cre Run Oaks (G1), Alex Courtelis Juvenile (G2), etc., OUR MACHINE, 3/13(5-0-0)3-0, $64,830, Darley Champion 3-Year-Old Colt, 1st Arabian Cup Juvenile (G1), 1st Alec Courtelis Juvenile (G2), etc., LATER ALA GATOUR, 2/12(4-2-3)1-3, $57,081, 1st Dr Sam Harrison Distaff (G2), 2nd Daughters of the Desert Oaks(G1), etc., A SECOND WIND, 2/7(2-1-2)1-1, $37,806, 1st Yellow Rose Arabian Stakes(G2), 3rd Daughters of the Desert Oaks(G1), A LADYS MAN, 3/7(6-0-0)2, $59,775, 1st Delaware Park Arabian Juvenile Championship, Texas Six Shooter (G2), UNCORKED, 3/26(6-6-3)1-2 $61,327, 1st Delaware Park Claiming Distaff, 2nd Arabian Stallion Stakes (G3), etc., Full of Fiesta (2/16(2-5-4)1-6, $54,544. 1st TABA Overnight, 2nd Delaware Park Arabian Cup Juveniles, Texas Six Shooter(G2), Bob Magness Memorial Derby(G2), 3rd Delaware Park Classic (G1), Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Arabian Cup(G3), Liberty Bell St.

1st Dam:  TC Gate Dancer, by Samtyr. Unraced. Dam of 4 foals of racing age, 3 to race, 3 winners—

  LATER ALA GATOUR (f. by Nivour de Cardonne). 2/12(4-2-3)1-3, $ 57,081.1st Dr Sam Harrison Distaff, 2nd  Daughters of the Desert Oaks, Betsy Ross Distaff.

  River Danser (c. by Makzan). 3/23(3-4-0), $28,853.

  BR Little Red (f. by Nivour De Cardonne) 2/15(3-3-1) $20,063.

2nd Dam: Dancing Daisy, by Sahara Dancer. Unraced. Dam of 2 winners—

  T C TOMAHAWK (c. by Samtyr). 2/8(6-1-1)4-1, $85,813, Darley Champion 3-Year-Old Colt, 1st AJC Delaware S. (G1), etc.

  TC Tomco. 4/31(2-2-4)0-1, $18,198, 3rd Texas Ranger.

  TC Tiki. Dam of 4 foals to race, 4 winners, including—

       TC KENTUCKY BLUE (f. by Wiking). 4/27(7-3-3)4-0, $120,668, Darley Champion 3-Year-Old Filly, 1st  Daughters of the Desert Futurity (G1), etc.

       TC Kentucky Champ (f. by Wiking). 2/12(1-4-2)0-1, $17,689, 3rd Arabian Cup Distaff Sp.

  TC Break Dancer. Dam of 3 foals, 1 to race, 1 winner -

       GIMME A BREAK (c. by Patriot Missle) 3/18(6-2-5)4-3, $115,569, Darley Champion  Sprinter,1st Drinkers Of the Wind Derby (G1), Arabian Cup Juv. (G1), Delaware Season Opener (twice), etc.

3rd Dam: Kellowna, by Kello-Gwalor. Unraced. Racing Hall of Fame. Dam of 4 foals to race, 4 winners, including—

  T C TOMTYR. 5/36(22-10-1)15-10, $218,046, Racing Hall of Fame, Darley Champion 3 times, 1st AJC Delaware S. (G1), California Derby (G1), etc.

  TOMANCHIE. 1/7(6-1-0)4-1, $104,245, Darley Champion 3-Year-Old Colt, 1st Drinkers of the Wind Futurity (G1),      etc.; 2/3(2-0-1)1-0 in UAE, 1st Al Jurf S.

  T C TOMDOOLEY. 2/15(5-2-2)3-1, $49,145, 1st Arabian Cup Juvenile (G3), etc.

  Forlowna. Unraced. Dam of TC TOMS DELIGHT (4/28(7-3-3)3-1, $108,748, Darley Champion 4 Year-Old Colt).

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